Terralanes Introduction

This piece was also sent as Terralanes’ email newsletter, August 21st 2020.

The Journey Begins

The team and I are incredibly excited to share this journey with you as we develop and continue to grow. Today, we are made up of two full time developers, Parker and Jerry, and myself.

Our goals in the coming months are:

1. Develop our MVP and get it in the hands of beta testers by December

2. Create a following on various platforms to establish a potential sales funnel

3. Build a culture that is rooted in positivity, problem solving, and customer service

There have been a lot of questions about our identity: is Terralanes a CRM or a TMS? Up to this point these are the two systems that freight brokerages have become familiar with.

BUT I believe serving a customer perfectly is like solving a puzzle. A TMS (transportation management system) brings a few pieces, a CRM (customer relationship management) brings a few more. Terralanes is the intangible piece you could never put your finger on. A knowledge management system is the missing link. We’re that piece of the puzzle, and you never knew you needed it until now.

More to come next week.

We are a knowledge management system designed specifically for freight brokerages.